Sunday’s Programme!!!!

Su/So, 19.09.2010
13:00 Uhr (1pm) Kadterschmiede (Rigaer 94)
Veganer Soli-Brunch
Solidarisch brunchen für die R94. Es erwarten euch himmlische vegane Köstlichkeiten, der gute Zapatista-Kaffee, Kicker und entspannte Musik. Also verbringt einen gemütlichen Sonntag im Garten der R94 oder auch wahlweise drinnen. Denn die Kadterschmiede und Teile der R94 sind immer noch akut räumungsbedroht. Infos:
Vegan Soli-Brunch
Soli brunch for R94. There will be heavenly vegan food, good zapatista-coffee, table soccer and relaxed music. Spend a relaxed sunday in the yard of Rigaer94 or inside. The Kadterschmiede and parts of the Rigaer94 are still endangered of eviction. infos:

13 Uhr (1pm) Scharnweber Str. 38 (U-Bhf. Samariterstr.) Brunch

14:00 Uhr (2pm) Mitte der Oberbaumbrücke (Station Warschauer Straße) Stadtspaziergang: Führung durch das „Mediaspree-Gebiet“ // Guidance through the „Mediaspree area“ [Mediaspree entern!]

18:00 Uhr (6pm) Laster & Hänger Wagenburg (Gärtnerstr.) Performance About ECFC: The rebellion is in the human nature. What brings the terrorists to become terrorists? What leads a person to become a martyr for the good of a society that rejects him? In the space two actresses, a musician, a trunk, a megaphone, a balaclavas and a waterproof. A gun. Words are extrapolated from political press become part of absurd discourses of love and they take place in a bed that we imagine as a container for a ful generation. Dialogues subversive whispered in the twilight of a hideout on the fringes of society. Insults to an audience that can not understand the reasons and a body in sensory isolation described by words sung in the wire of a microphone.

22:00 Uhr (10pm) Köpi Koma F Concert „Government Flu“ (cooler Hardcore/ Pol), „Calm The Fire“ (Düsterer HC-Punk/ Pol) + „Ape Attack“ (Raging Thrash HC-Punk/ Berlin)